The Fastest Way to Lose Weight: MUST WATCH!

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Dr. Berg discusses the fastest method to slim down. All of it come down to aligning your diet plan to setting off the Development Hormone (GH) and making use of recurring fasting, however making certain you do not treat yourself, or consume any sugar also. If you start with 3 dishes with no snacking, after that rotate 3 days to 2 dishes, then 1Ā 1/2 dishes (environment-friendly shake), you can get your body into weight loss really quickly.

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  • In Suh Iinnnnnn…. Say it with him

  • You mentioned in another vlog to eat 2 meals a day. You said 11:30 and 5 pm. Dr. Berg many people do not wake at 6 a.m and go to an 8-5 job. I don’t!, many people don’t. PLease address that vlog as to what time s or how many hours after you awake to how many hours after the first meal. If you don’t you lost me. I don’t think you are living in the real world . Also, Whole Foods is not a small store and does not buy in small amounts.

    • You seriously can’t do a small amount of maths that changes one time for another?

      Buy elsewhere then, by whole-foods, we mean vegetables, not the bloody store!

    • Seriously, you need to get your own bloody channel, if you are going to give advice mate. Rude, very rude. If you know everything then this is not your channel and don’t chime in on others when they are seriously asking a question. No need to come back w/another rude comment unless you are 12. *BTW, it is math, not math and shrimp and not shrimps)

  • Can you add a banana to the green shake?

    • It’s not recommended.. Are you wondering about sweetness or thickness? For sweet, go with the stevia.. or maybe a couple of carrots, careful with the carrots..too many will screw you via their sugar content. Thickness is easy, chia/flax seeds are commonly used for it, they even work as egg replacements.

    • L.A Xavier More so for sweetness and to add extra potassium and vitamins. Would a green apple work 1or does the shake have to be strictly veggie? I can’t stand the taste of Stevia.

  • 3 days a week only? consecutive or spread out?

    • 3 consecutive days you eat 3 meals a day (example: Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday), the next 3 days eat 2 meals a day (example: Thursday,Friday and Saturday), then, the next 3 days eat 1 1/2 meal per day (example, Monday and Tuesday) and continue with 3 meals a day for the next 3 days (Wednesday,thursday and Friday), 2 meals for the next 3 days, etc,etc,etc…Or instead of 3 meals a day, go back to 2 meals a day,…

  • Can I do this while breastfeeding? Thanks

  • Can I eat carbs (rice)on days I’m not training?

  • Love your videos-how do I find your recipes?

  • Thumbnail is a lie.

  • Can’t believe I’m addicted to listening to you šŸ„

  • Is eating rice OK??

  • Hey Dr Berg, thanks for the informative videos, they are a big help.

  • Coco is a NoNo

  • Dr. eric berg what are your thoughts on drinking distilled water? I’ve been drinking that for decades and I think I’ve been ok for the most part but how does that affect the body if at all?

  • How’s it going Dr Berg. I’m currently on a mission to lose well over 100lbs but I have a question. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for a few months 2 meals a day with veggies like spinach onions green peppers jalapeƱos tomatoes & lettuce daily. I also added salads to my diet & I’ve lost 20lbs in 4 months. It should’ve been more but I found that the juice I was drinking was loaded with sugar so once I stopped I lost a whole 7lbs in a week. Anyway here’s the question. Can I commit to intermittent fasting & exercise for a prolonged period of time without any health issues? Let’s say a year.

  • ACV drink, when would you incorporate it into this eating style.

  • hai dr Berg I like your progrem

  • Hypothyroid = no gastrogens such as kale
    Okay for spinach I believe. (?)

  • Your videos has answered so many questions. thank you so much

  • There are no recipes here. U said there were recipes below and there wasn’t.