The Best Time to Eat to Lose Weight

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Dr. Berg discusses the best times to consume food to reduce weight. The strategy we are utilizing is a technique called intermittent fasting to resolve insulin resistance. This also doesn’t stress the body regarding shedding your muscle mass, because both Development Hormone (GH), and also testosterone will protect you against muscular tissue loss.

Yet the objective is to just eat 2 meals a day, nonetheless, for most people they should begin with three meals, and move towards to only 2. The best time to eat is 11:30 in the am and then at 5:00 pm at night. Eat some protein and fat as well. If you have some extra fat with a dish, you will certainly have the ability to go much longer.
Nevertheless, this is the fastest means as well as the simplest means to shed stubborn belly fat.

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  • I’ve been intermittent fasting for about a year and feel better than ever. not only talking about weight but generally just feel more alert and not so lethargic

    • +westfield90 you dont have to at all. It’s quite a natural progression to be honest. As you get used to eating high fat meals you will naturally find yourself eating less often because you are burning fat and feel satiated most of the time. Give it a while and get used to ketosis then when you are ready, decide if you want to give IF a try. You will know by then.

    • Karribu wish he would do a video for ppl who work overnight

    • I work overnight. I don’t know if it’s good to do, but i have a meal at 8pm and fast till 8am when I eat breakfast. Next meal again at 8pm and so on.

    • I work night shift 7pm to 7am, I wake up around 3-4pm and I eat at 8-9pm and second meal at 2am. It works for me.

    • I really really funtastic DC I enjoye Ur you tube advice u telling people from the heart android truthful the test up to us if we use Ur advice.
      Thank you very much I AM going to try i used to be very very slim now a bit increase bcs of my age over 40 ๐Ÿ˜– so it’s okay I will try to fix it with ur advice.๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Can you do a webinar or extended video on this topic please. I really want to know more about fighting insulin resistance. I’ve lost 44 lbs eating LCHF. Went from 218 to 174. My blood sugar is normal, but I do still have belly fat that I need to lose. My doctor could not answer my question of whether or not I’m still insulin resistant and if it could be completely reversed. I’m definitely going to try IF.

    • +wHiTe9291 Yes and no. I live in TX and have no intention of doing hard workouts outside in the sun.๐Ÿ˜ณ

    • +wHiTe9291 Thanks though. This is an old post and I’ve since seen my endocrinologist. Everything is good. All levels are normal and he agrees with my Keto and IF plan.

    • Terri Boyd hi and great job! Dr Berg has other videos on insulin resistance which basically says NOT TO SNACK! As every time you eat you create insulin so eating in only s 4 hour period a day will give the best results… and Stay vegan!!! You get ALL your proteins from vegetables & Beans and Fat from nuts & avocados!!! Yeah!!!

    • Heba you described a plant based whole foods. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Can you give me a idea of the portions you eat in one meal?

      You do lunch and dinner? or you stay in this 4 hour period that you described?

    • Gosplesong

  • I can attest to the efficacy of intermittent fasting, as described here by Dr. Berg. I started a low carb diet, and had great success for the first 8 months – going from 230 lbs to 165 lbs. However, after that, I was stuck at around 165 lbs for the following 6 months, until I started cutting out snacking between meals, and skipping breakfast. With the two meal strategy, as described by Dr. Berg, I was able to jump start my weight loss and lose another 16 lbs, as of me writing this. I am now 9 lbs away from my goal of 140 lbs – a weight that I have not seen in nearly 20 years, back when I was in high school. The combination of low carb dieting and intermittent fasting is powerful, and the wonderful thing about it is that low carb dieting helps facilitate the intermittent fasting process, because eating low carb, consistently, prevents the very blood sugar fluctuations that would lead someone to constantly snack in the first place.

    • nuts tracey mallard

    • JaneDonovanford, I started initially with a 16 – 8 fast, when I first started to incorporate intermittent fasting into my routine, 6 months ago. I now have switched to a one meal a day strategy, thus giving me a half hour eating window, which means I fast for 23.5 hours a day, and get all my calories within that half hour window. I do that for 4 days week, and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays I will do the regular 16 – 8. Once I get to my weight goal (which is so close now) I will probably switch back to doing 16 – 8 for 5 days out of a week, and then only do my 23.5 hour fasts twice a week. I will see if that allows me to maintain my goal weight – keeping close adherence to low carb, of course.

    • Great plan (though tough). I’d like to know how it follows! Keep it up and lots on encouragement!

    • JaneDonovanford, Yes. The near 24 hour fast is tough. That is why I would never recommend it for someone who is just starting their weight loss journey. I always recommend people to keep the meal frequency they are used to, and then just switch to a low carb/high fat diet first. Once, after a few months of adapting to that diet, then they can gradually switch to doing a 16-8. First do 16-8 for a few days, and then after a month or so, switch to doing 16-8 for 7 days a week. Only after they no longer feel hungry in the morning do I recommend, if they still want to lose even more weight, to switch to a 22, 24 or even longer fast. Once you get to that point, my other recommendation is that during your one meal you have per day, make sure that you get a lot of fat in your diet – more so than you normally would. I find that have a cup full of high fat nuts – pecans, walnuts, or macadamia nuts – or having multiple table spoons of some kind of nut butter helps you get a high amount of fat to take the edge of the hunger pain that sometimes accompanies a near 24 hour fast.

  • we keep ramadan fasting from 3am to 9pm

  • This definitely works. I did an intermittent fast where I would allow myself to eat from 8am until 5pm & repeat. I went from 160lbs to 140lbs in less than 2 months and I’ve been able to keep the weight off. I haven’t fasted since & Im currently at 138 trying to reach 130. (need to get back on track lol) Oh and also fasting kept me in a good mood all the time I felt energized and ready for everything.

    • Cici M can you tell me how many meal you eat a day and what time??

    • Honestly I didn’t really count how many meals I ate a day but I would try not to eat a lot because I wanted to see results faster. In the morning at around 8:30 (when I woke up) I would eat normal breakfast like oatmeal, eggs or cereal. Then, if I got hungry during the day I would snack on anything (to me it didnt really matter what but make sure its not a lot of calories). I was in college for most of the day so when I got home at around 3pm or 4pm I would eat a normal meal again, it can be anything you want but make sure its a bit healthy at least. After 5pm I don’t eat anymore until 8am the next day.

    • Cici M thank you.I am doing this from tomorrow.I need to loose atleast 10kg in 2 months.

    • You can do it! I think what helped me to lose it faster is that I didn’t eat a lot of calories.

  • What about eating after working out (weight lifting with HIIT).

  • I’m down 10lbs in 10 days. this works.

    • keep it up!

    • Eric Berg can you please tell me what to eat…normally i eat as i used to and tell me whether im right or not…in morning at 11.30 i eat bread with chicken ect and eat a fruit or some yogurt…and i drink loads of water during a day mayBe 1-2 litres and at 5.00 i have my dinner..normally rice with curry and salad also some fruit or yogurt and after waking up and before going to bed i drink half a glass of fused green tea hot and then repeat same …will i be able to lose some weight? is this correct? im only 20 years old and im only 68kg…i practice my exercise every afternoon at 6.30 …its been only 4 days since i have started to do all this…guide me please…thank you

  • What meals with good fat would be?

  • how do you fit that in with work and family life?

  • How about coffee first thing in the morning?

  • Is it true that when you go into starvation mode your body will store more fat???

  • it always sounds so easy at the beginning

  • @Eric Berg potassium bicarbonate have you covered this

  • Dr hai my name is Diana , I am doing IF at 8 am to 12 pm for 4 window eating , was is ok

  • hi Dr. Breg
    My height is 5’4″. My weight is 131 lb. I don’t have too much fat on belly, But I have lot of fat and cellulite on thighs and buttocks.
    Will intermittent fasting help me to reduce my thigh fat? I am vegan.
    Can you please also say when to eat and what to eat?

  • I’ve fallen in love with IF. I feel grounded and in control. And the energy that I have mid day is amazing. One thing concerned me is I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks and I started to feel light headed and my joints were hurting like I had a virus. So I stopped for two days and then replenished by body with lots of vitamin c and antioxidants. Is that a common side effect.

  • Is it ok to do a lean shake 25 for the first meal, and then regular veggie protein and fat second meal?

  • Good information!! I’m vegan and I feel like my weight loss is going slower. Do you think it’s due to the lack of fats? If so, what’s the best way to get what I need in that area, and continue with my vegan lifestyle?

  • My only issue here is that I work until 5 pm.

  • I am new to this what times to eat for 3meals a day please?