How to do Intermittent Fasting for Serious Weight Loss

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Dr. Berg speaks about the power of periodic fasting. This is not a diet regimen, but a pattern of consuming.

Why does it work?

Because it sets off a Development Hormonal agent and also hinders insulin. The objective of periodic fasting is to decrease insulin, take the release off insulin as well as the gland that makes it – pancreatic, and therefore correct your digestion. If you carry extra weight in your belly, then you definitely have high insulin.



Start with 3 dishes each day, no snacking.
After that do 3 meals each day however only consuming your 3 meals in a 8 hour home window, therefore fasting for 16 hours. Eventually, you want to fast for 20 hours and consume within a 4 hr home window – 2 dishes per day. If you include a workout, high intensity period training, you can considerably enhance Development Hormone even more.

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  • I have used a low carb diet to great effect – losing 65 lbs in 9 months, without exercise. However, after that, I went through a 6 month plateau, where the scale would not budge, despite needing to lose another 25 lbs. I was deeply frustrated. I did research, and I stumbled upon the works of Dr. Jason Fung, and his advocacy of using fasting along with low carb diets, and then I discovered all of Dr. Eric Berg’s videos advocating using fasting in conjunction with low carb dieting. Soon after, I started to skip breakfast a few days out of the week, thus giving me a fasting window of about 18 hours between dinner the previous day to lunch the following day. I immediately was able to break that aforementioned 6 month plateau, and I was losing weight again. Within 3 months, I lost 10 additional pounds. So encouraged was I by the results, I have now switched to eating one large meal a day, thus giving me a 22 to 24 hour fasting window, and that has allowed me to lose an additional 15 lbs. Generally speaking, weight loss slows down as you approach your ideal weight, and that goes for any type of diet you are on. The great thing about intermittent fasting is that it can help you break through even the most stubborn plateaus, and it helps you approximate the speed of weight loss that you initially achieved when starting a diet. As of me writing this I have lost a total of 94 lbs, going from 230 lbs to 136 lbs, the last 29 lbs being the result of adding intermittent fasting to my low carb eating pattern. For anyone who has ever had any doubts about fasting, I can personally testify to its effectiveness. Please give it a try. Thank you Dr. Berg for being such a strong advocate for this powerful dietary and health strategy.

    • +RVA FOX far far to much protein. Protein affects insulin also. That’s probably why you failed.

    • 135 as a male no thanks. That means not much muscle mass.

    • ShooterMedic, you do realize that I am only 5’6″ and many MMA fighters who are around that height, who have to have plenty of muscle mass to do what they do, weigh that much (

      I am not saying I have their level of muscle mass, but my point is you cannot derive how much muscle mass a person has, simply by looking at their weight. Body composition is more complicated than that. After all, look at Bruce Lee, who is still, decades after his death, renowned for being disproportionately powerful, despite being very light weight:

    • Drake Santiago You guys are so fucked. Just wait.

      “After the liver’s glycogen is depleted(overnight), fasting destroys the tissues, starting with the thymus, then the muscles and liver”.

      I wish the median intelligence quotient was higher.

      The extra weight you loss was strictly muscle. Adrenaline and cortisol break down the tissues. How else do you think you function without calories.

      Someone take me on in a debate. Dare yah

  • I’ve been practicing IF since the beginning of January and have lost over 40 lbs. Autophagy, body recomposition, and overall mental health are also huge benefits. My window is usually 23:1 and I’ll do an extended 40 hour fast once a month or so. After losing and gaining weight over the course of half my life, I’ve found a lifestyle that is simple and effective.

    • I eat until I feel full and then stop. Some days I eat less, some days I eat more. Listen to your body. Over time, you’ll crave healthier foods and begin to have appetite correction. Calories In/Calories Out has been debunked, but I couldn’t see myself eating 10,000 calories in a four a hour window everyday.

    • Ed Davis speaking of spices in the tea… I have been adding ginger/lemon/mint (sometimes all of these) to my tea while fasting to make it taste better and to actually increase metabolism

      Can adding these break my fasting period?

    • Research is showing that even artificial/natural sweeteners can raise insulin. If you ingest those, and begin to feel hungry shortly afterwards, they’re not good for you.

    • You’re trolling.

    • Ed Davis I’m not ed ?

  • Would a shot glass of coconut oil cause fastus interruptus?

    • Ok, that’s a blog/opinion article, not a study. But it does reference a study in which olive oil was added to the diet (not drinking glasses of it) and compared for a cardiovascular event with a the same diet without the oil. all participants ALREADY had heart disease. The oil group had 96 events, while the non oil group had 109.Not exactly HEALTHY since it didn’t prevent 96 people from having a cardiovascular event! And no support at all for your original claim of drinking a shot glass making you lose weight.

      Something tells me you don’t really know much about actual medical studies…

    • Neal M there are a lot of things that haven’t been formally studied and are true..there are tons of false sponsored studies…

    • Chances are you don’t believe in any new medicine because your corporate masters will tell you what China does with herbs doesn’t have the studies to show it works…eventually you will wake up

    • ok so continue with your low fat diet and you will have personal experience why it doesnt work…you should look at something written after 1970 and try to use a little common sense…have the people you have been listening to really helped you? i doubt it…

    • Eating oil does not make you fat. Get with the program.

  • I hate insulin….

    • Mister Sanitago Why? Only a high fat high carb diet causes insulin resisted. Insulin is needed to get nutrients in the cell?

    • Mister Sanitago because of ignorance

    • you would die without it

    • Half right. High carb is the culprit. High fat / low carb will actually lower your insulin resistance over time. It brings your youthful edge regarding carbs back…High carb = Satan…

  • That old line “breakfast is the most important meal of the day ” doesn’t die easy. people are very resistant to this because they have heard that horseshit for so long

    • James Magee agreed, I see the distinction. my wife acts as if she doesn’t eat right when she gets up, she may die of starvation. I guess everyone has to find what works for them and not take anything for granted

    • Breakfast and all of this what he is saying only makes sense when your metabolism is high. If you are fat and or mature, you’re metabolism rate has slowed down. You need to raise your metabolism back up by eating every 2 hours but just handful and then once it’s up there. You can do all these techniques and get way better results.

    • not true…everytime you eat your insulin spikes and works against your goals

    • Nitya Patel , does that mean that if you’re below 18 years of age you could have better results during intermittent fasting?

  • I went from eating eight times a day for hypertrophy gain. Now I’m doing 2m/4h and 5x intensive circuit training, like TRX, weekly. My fat composition over the last two weeks has reduced drastically. #feelsgood

  • 10 months on Keto
    16:8 Intermittent Fasting
    95lbs loss

  • just a short testimonial… I started 10 days ago with intermittent fasting. I would only eat dinner with the family consisting of meat/ veg/ salad with olive oil and take liquids the rest of the day. I would drink hot water with a grated lemon in it and when I feel hungry, I would drink coffee with no sugar, but 2 teaspoons of butter in it. I have no hunger issues and no cravings for sweets either. I have lost about 6kg in 10 days so far… Thanks Dr Berg for your great info!

  • I lost 20 pounds in 5 weeks. I still eat fast food and a little candy when I can’t resist. I avoid sugar and significantly reduce carbohydrates each day. I eat between noon and 6pm not stuffing myself. I switch between somewhat lazy upper and lower body workouts each day 20 minutes each and skip a day or two when I’m sore. upper body workout is bench press and standing curls into press and lower body is squats and lunges with weight. two weeks in I could see and feel results. intermittent fasting works but it should be combined with activity if you want to see positive changes. thanks doc.

    • outside the eating window. usually after on an empty stomach because thats when all my free time is. Ive switched from significant reduction to full keto. my workouts got extra, extra lazy and I’m still losing between 1 and 2 lbs a day. 35 lbs down, 100 more to go. hopefully it doesn’t slow down. (I should go do a leg day right now =(

    • Correct. The Idea is to stretch out the normalization instead of constantly eating. Plenty of water though. I drink almost 3, 1 litre bottles of water each day. I have also been getting lots of sleep. That’s when the fat burning really heats up. You breath deeper like a furnace.

    • ive lost 11 lbs already in 2 weeks and didnt work out at all in the second week. i can still see my stomach getting flatter and flatter every morning. i actually find myself less interested in food in general. its true what they say, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” (jk but you get what i mean) IF works for me

    • yeah im totally psyched about finally losing this weight. my eyes have opened. why didnt anyone tell me about this sooner!?

    • ochenkrasivy86 Same here! I have to remember to eat. Keto and IF is amazing.

  • I’ve been eating this way and not even know it! I’m eating 2 meals, sometimes one meal a day.I’m a night guard at a 39-story high rise building, my shift is from 11pm-7am…I have my first meal when I wake up at 2pm, do my daily errands, take a nap around 7-8pm, have my next meal when I wake up at 9-9:30pm. I patrol all 5 stair wells, jog the shorter floors and do some hiit on the longer floors. I then do some strength training after my shift. so far I’ve lost almost 80 pounds.

  • I got fatter when you said “icing on the cake.”

  • I started this Monday 19th of June 2017 but I eat once a day and drink water and green tea all day I’m 9 pounds down in 5 days, it’s insane!

    • Sarah Bussey This may sound stupid but when it comes to weight loss theirs a lot of different factors that can affect the outcome, so would eating one meal a day produce the best results? Also would eating chicken everyday for roughly a month with a few veggies be okay and maybe occasionally some rice? And lastly how many less calories should I eat compared to what’s recommended for the average male (2000) if any at all?

    • Slapping stuff One meal a day only works for some people. For me, it works the best. Chicken is very lean so it would be paired great with veggies. Rice/carbs would be good occasionally, but not every day. I actually eat only 500 or less calories a day and it works perfectly for me. So, considering your male, and you’re talking about eating one meal a day, I think around 1000-1200 calories would be good for you so you don’t lose muscle and you don’t get too tired/lazy for work or school or whatever we you do everyday is.

    • Slapping stuff I have a 1500 caloric deficit. If you are around 1000-1200 you will have a 1000-800 caloric deficit.

    • Sarah Bussey Thank you I’ll remember this for tomorrow as my first day went good started off with a salad but then went to a work potluck and basically threw the diet out the window.

    • Slapping stuff With intermittent fasting you can basically eat whatever during your fasting period and still lose weight because you’ll be at a calorie deficit. Also, when you’re fasting your body will be fueling itself off of stored fat. Don’t feel bad about what you are after the salad. I literally fast for so long that sometimes when I get out of school I just go to zaxbys and I still lose weight. Although you can basically eat anything during your eating window and still lose weight because of your fasting window, it is not the smartest thing to when trying to develop healthy habits or achieving your goals as fast as possible. It’s okay to not eat the healthiest sometimes, you’ll still lose weight. If you have more questions about Intermittent Fasting I’d suggest checking out another channel on YouTube which is called “Fledge Fitness”

  • i am going 20 hours without eating,eating for 4 and exercising twice a day with no problems.

    • Tara Campbell If you’re wondering how many calories you should consume, just eat until you feel full. I usually eat a salad and soup per day that’s loaded with vegetables and then snack on fruit. I do this, but only consume 500-600 calories per day and I’m fine because I really don’t get hungry often. Just listen to what your body needs. I do this and do the 20:4

    • Sarah Bussey, You can’t live on 500-600 calories per day. Period. Please say that you are not doing this every day.

  • It tokes a while but now I see the results… From size 50 clothes I went down to size 42. It feels so good and also the most important fact is that my ilness Diabetes II has gone.

    • Adrienne Garber wow size 50?? ( im not meaning it in a disrespectful ) but i didnt even know there was a size 50 can i say how happy u decided to get healthy and ur here on earth . please update us on ur journey i just begun mine. congratulations love

    • That is a european size, which is for oversized people but not as oversized as you seem to think, Noelle.

  • Doctor πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ I just want say thank you for your hard work πŸ˜“

  • I am from india, born within a higher caste called brahmins. In our tradition, the biggest gurus (pontiffs) only have one meal a day at around 2 PM. The rest of the day they only have water or if they really hungry at night they may have some milk and thats it. Nothing else. No snacks. I think they were upto something.

  • Can you have coffee during the fasting period? Water?

  • I was 120 kg, 175 cm height = hopelessly obese. I visited Egypt during Ramadan, the muslim fasting month. In order not to offend my hosts, I did not eat anything during the day. At night there was great food. Most Egyptians feasted through most of the night with eating and drinking lots of nice foods and juices and snacks. I was done and stuffed after the super big break-fast meals at 7 pm with all delicious and sinful food items you can imagine. I was so hungry and always went for the fattiest and most succulent meats, soups, sauces, dips etc… . I did not continue eating all night, because I eventually went to sleep at midnight, while my hosts continued.
    16kg weight loss in one month. Super sharp senses and alertness during the day. No hunger whatsoever during the day. Feeling very, very energised like in my teenage days.
    Back home in Switzerland, I kind of continued this one meal a day regime, which by the way fitted very well into my professional and even private life sooooooo much better, than the usual 3 meal regiment. With the one meal a day system, you would still avoid eating the gross rubbish, but you do not need at all be so religious in your food choices. The following fasting window, will clean up all.
    2 months later, at approx. 85 kg, I finally could get back to some sport. Bodyweight training / calisthenics.
    6 months later 75 kg, 20 pull ups in one go, – 5 sets daily, handstand walking, etc..
    1 year later 68 kg. pull ups, bar dips all that became a habit.
    I am not a man of great will power.
    It took no will power at all, since there was no hunger. I was not a diet. It was simply a lifestyle change.
    I just dropped into this by chance in Egypt and it worked amazingly well.
    Continuous feeding from the morning to the night is suicide. Today most people eat, because there is food around and not because they need the food for energy.
    There is so much amazing food around there, which we do not eat because for dietary concerns. With the one meal a day system, you can eat everything you want as much as you can / want.
    Life is good. Living on steamed veggies only is outright stupid, while you have spare ribs out there.

    • hurbit123 great info thanks for sharing I’m 1.75m tall currently weighing 68kg it is the biggest I have ever been I want to loose 5kg and don’t like working out but I’m going to try your method of eating one meal a day

    • Mpho: with 68 kg and 1.75 cm height it looks as if you are already in pretty good shape. Besides weight loss the significant time gain is a pleasant effect of the 1 big meal per day system.

    • Dr. Do you suggest limiting liquids to the 8 hours or 4 hours or can we drink liquids throguhout the day regardless of its ” eating time or not”???

    • you can and actually should drink all kind of no calorie liquids such as water, tea and even coffee without sugar. No juices because they have tons of sugar. But agin, no need to be too religious about it. If you really want that apple during the fasting window, – for god’s sake – have it. The apple, – not the burger.

  • I have been doing the intermittent fasting for a couple of days now I have my last meal at 6pm and breakfast at 10-10:30 but upon eating my first meal I get dizzy and the dizziness lasts most of the day until I eat my last meal then I feel OK again is this a common side effect ? I thought it may be low blood sugar? I m going to try the coffee & coconut oil first thing tomorrow to see if that helps is this normal Dr Berg ?

    • You are just adapting – so it may be helpful to see more of my videos on keto-adapt

    • +Eric Berg Thank you very much for your reply sir, I had coffee & coconut oil first thing this morning then breakfast at 10:30 & so far feeling OK only a very mild feeling of dizziness so yes I think I’m just adapting I will check out your info on ketosis as you suggest Thank you

  • So, it’s not about doing the 16 hours consecutively?
    I can break up the 16 hours (including the 8 hour sleep, of which I only get 6) into 4 hour spaced times?