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These fat burning techniques & ideas I make use of and I shed 11 lbs with recently: I wish it benefits you honeys too! Leave your tips & tricks below in the remarks!

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  • Yess queen🤗😍


  • can you do a reacting to old pictures of you??

  • I think she labeled the “before” and “after” wrong😂

    • I knew something was off about that picture

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    • It looked like she just poked her stomach out 😂😂

  • look at exercising videos or videos with people that loss weight over time. It encourage me to work out and try to live a healthier life.

    wow thank u so much for all the likes😘

    • I agree! this is a good tip as well!! it helps to know that you’re not the only one and it can be done with hard work!

    • I am 15lbs off the waist for just 2 weeks now and in better shape than ever before! Just seen this posting healthlynewsreports.com/diet2/?u=0e4f6 then wow I really feel great! Claim your free bottle and try it out for yourself.

  • Who watched til the end? 😏 Hansel tried it

  • Tbh I think this is the best video I have seen about having a healthier lifestyle and losing weight, etc. Most videos like that say “fast” and “easy” when I will actually have to leave my house haha. This video was simple and relatable. That’s what I would call “fast” and “easy”
    Now I really do feel motivated and I like that she done a voiceover and didn’t make it all fake and that she said it was acceptable to cheat. Even though I will probably not work out or do any of these things in this video and stay in my bed like a sloth and have “cheat days” *cough cough* cheat days are everyday *cough cough* I feel like being healthy

  • I’ve lost five pounds these two weeks I’m definitely going to try those bed exercise ❤️😋

    • lol channel what did u do to loose 5 pounds in two weeks?

    • I usually dance because it’s the most fun but I usually do leg planks(30 of them) where you just lift your leg up and down, when I tell you it burns so much it’ll have you sore in the morning I promise 😂hopefully that helped

  • Andrea you need to add in your title, “Ft. HANSEL” HAHAHA❤

  • My goal is to lose 65 pounds. I’m not gonna make it. 😂

  • its not time for little shorts weather in the uk.. 🙁

  • am afraid that I might walk out the country lol

  • That awkward moment when you don’t have friends (boy-FRIEND- or any friend in particular)

  • I’m watching this while eating chocolate cake

  • What do you do when you take video breaks? Im hoping you dont get depressed or anything I know I lot of youtubers have been dealing with that 😞

    • +feliciasj I know it’s so sad 🙁 I do not really deal with depression fortunately, but it makes me sad to see my friends dealing with it ❤️ I never really take breaks from vids (in my head)… I’m usually always working on a vid in my laptop…even when I’m traveling. some just take longer to finish for me than others 💕

    • <3 you thank you for replying!!! We love your vids so much we get anxious haha, I am glad to hear you are not struggling with depression!

  • My goal is to lose 69 pounds lmao

  • I like to put on something tight like leggings and this reminds me to take care of my body bc leggings make your body look good.

  • 1. Splitting meals in half
    2. waiting 20 minutes to see if you’re still hungry (takes the body that much time to know if you’re satisfied)
    3. Light snacking on veggies/fruit throughout day
    4. High intensity 5 min workout cycle before shower (you can do the cycle more than one time to get an even better workout)
    5. Playing music while cleaning, inspires you to work harder and maybe dance 😉