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Exactly what I consume (DAY 1):.
Just what I eat (DAY 2):.
What I consume (DAY 3):.
What I eat (DAY 4):.
Just what I eat (DAY 5):.
Just what I eat (DAY 6):.
Exactly what I eat (DAY 7):.
What I consume (DISH STRATEGY):.
What I eat (DAY 8):.
Exactly what I consume (DAY 9):.
Just what I consume (DAY 10):.


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★ Healthier morning meal suggestions (video clips):.

3 weight-loss healthy smoothie recipes:.

3 easy overnight oats recipes:.

3 healthy morning meal concepts:.

Green detoxification smoothie mix recipe:.

My unusual go-to weight management breakfast:.

New healthy and balanced morning meal suggestions (my fixations)


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DISCLAIMER – Please note that you must remain in a healthy state prior to you determine to comply with a brand-new way of eating, or a calorie restricted diet. It's always advised that you speak to your GP, medical professional or healthcare professional to see if a brand-new means of eating is suitable for your individual health demands and also objectives. This consuming plan is not ideal for men, youngsters, expecting ladies, breast feeding ladies, or individuals who are still creating – It is only planned as ideas for ladies that are currently in a healthy and balanced state, and also who are aiming to reduce weight and get into much better form. This way of eating is only intended for short term usage. Please take unique note that every ladies, as well as everyone, will have different daily calorie needs for weight-loss – based upon their all-natural physique as well as construct, existing weight, height, everyday activity degree and also health goals. This is not a "one dimension fits all" method of consuming.

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Comments 72

  • I love all of your tips. I’m going to try them to stop overeating everything :)))))) haha

  • Woooow
    Love from Egypt

  • Hey you guys! I’ve missed you! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA this month, had some work commitments that kept me super busy! Anyway, I should be back to posting regularly now 🙂 Thanks for watching, hope you’re having a great week 🙂 XOXOXOXO

  • #9 & #10 are great thanks! BTW, where did you get your bathrobe from, it’s beautiful?!

  • Waited for you very much!!!

  • Really liked the tips in this video and you looked so gorgeous!

  • Just taking notes! As always a really helpful video! Love from portugal

  • That was very helpful ♥ lots of kisses from Morocco

  • I’m definitely the only dude who watches this channel, no shame.

  • But I always skip breakfast. Its just hard for me to eat early in the morning. I don’t start eating until around 1 pm. Are there any tips about that?

    • not sure if it’s true but i heard that if you’re not hungry in the morning it’s bc you eat too much when you eat dinner. i actually tried this (still ate dinner just reduced the amount) and now i’m always eating breakfast! also, try smoothies at first bc i also found it easier to drink rather than eat.

    • Breakfast just means breaking the fast . So when you wakeup your body is awake too and muscles and nerves works . Even eating an apple or tiny thing will be good otherwise your bodies muscles in the stomach overwork lol

    • kyre ape davi yes drink a healthy shake make vegeteble healthy drinks

    • Laura Asensio I’ve been doing this method for about 2 months now and lost 5 kg.

    • Kyre Ape Davi try having a piece of fruit or a cereal bar to start your metabolism and then you will feel hungrier after

  • Question: has anyone ever experienced always thinking about food? Ever since I started eating healthier I find that I am always thinking about food and what I’m going to eat next, what I’m going to make for breakfast the next day, ect. And I don’t understand why. I mean it’s one thing to think about food when you’re hungry, but why am I thinking about food so much when I’m not even hungry? This is getting really annoying. I really hate thinking about food more then I need to. Can anyone give me some advice? Will this eventually go away or will it be this way forever? I really hope this doesn’t last forever 🙁

  • Hi from Poland <3

  • I go to school in the morning at 7,before I go I eat oatmeal,but when our brake at 10 is,I get so hungry so I eat a big slice of pizza or a croissant.Can someone give me some healthy alternatives that will keep my energy high?

    • nobodyy here when I go to university i always bring my own food. In two semesters I have only eaten food from the cafeteria twice (counting out small snacks every once in a while, when I forgot my food at home, which rarely happens). I usually take cut up fruit and vegetables with me as snacks. Sometimes I will take yoghurt with oats and fruit with me. Sometimes a small prepped meal like brown rice with zucchini and a peanut-sauce. Sometimes just a slice of whole wheat bread and chicken. Just stuff, that will fill me up and satisfy me. Also it saves a ton of money and usually tastes better than the food in our cafeteria 😀

    • nobodyy here ……YOU CAN PUT HONEY!Except sweeteners gosh didn’t you know honey is good?

    • Clorox Bleach obviously you’ve bought into the whole superfood bullshit, you probably also think coconut oil is our lord and saviour

    • Trixya Slut no, honey is incredibly good for you

    • KimiBow no it’s not? It’s pretty much just pure sugar

  • Where did you get your weekly planner?

  • Why do some of these foods look unhealthy to me? Never mind that I’ll just stick to my African foods.

    • Blessing Oben what kind of African food do you eat?

    • Mine might be different and some of the names I don’t know how to spell but I’m from West Africa and we eat Fried vegetables, Fufu and Eru (If my mom cooks it I can eat it but if someone else does I get sick), potato, Sambusa (If you know how to make it) , rice and beans, fried plantains, Jollof rice, stewed tomatoes and rice Okra and fufu and more. Some of these foods I rarely eat them except on special occasions or when my mom and I feel like cooking them.

    • i was thinking the same. i love her channel but the “healthy” chocolate has alottt of calories and a lot of people say to stay away from any kinds of oils such as the coconut oil idk

    • Grace Arnold I think she meant “healtier” compared to chocolates bought from stores.

    • Dilara Daria well, you can probably argue about what is truly healthier, but actually her self made chocolate is higher in calories than my store-bought dark chocolate. One serving of her chocolate equals around 25-30 grams and has between 180-200 calories. 30 grams of my store bought dark chocolate (78% cocoa) has 150 calories. Again, you can probably argue what’s better and whether these 30-50 calories make that big of a difference.

  • What activity tracker do you use?

  • what device is that @ 6:00 ?

  • I’m not going to say I need to lose weight bc I’m under wight but I’m so so insecure bc I’ve been thought so much iv been insecure for the past 5 mouths and I’m ready to be Happy with my self

  • Sweetie I really loved your video ♥️